About the delay of the District Convention

As announced on February 16, the LCMS National Convention has been delayed for one year to 2023.  For more information from Synod, visit https://blogs.lcms.org/2021/congregations-vote-to-delay-synod-convention/.  In response to Synod’s delay, our Nebraska District Board of Directors has approved a delay of the District Convention from 2021 to June 24-25, 2022. 

This delay will create many changes in the preparation and information required for the convention.  Please read through the following carefully.
TERMS: Those currently in office will serve an extra year on their term, now ending in 2022.  The regular 3-year triennium will continue from there for those elected in 2022.

NOMINATIONS: All current nominations submitted for 2021 will stand.  Individuals on the ballot will be contacted to confirm willingness and eligibility to remain on the ballot.  Nominations for both processes will reopen for new submissions.  Congregations who have submitted their certified nominations for Process #2 (District President/Vice Presidents/Board of Directors) will have opportunity to submit amended nominations. Congregation who did not submit nominations will have opportunity within the new timeline.

CIRCUIT FORUMS: Circuits will need to meet (in-person or virtually) to re-affirm or change their selection for Circuit Visitor by January 31, 2022.

OVERTURES: Overtures submitted for 2021 will stand.  Those who have submitted overtures will be contacted to confirm that they would still like those overtures to be presented.  The submission period will open September 2021 through January 2022 for any new overtures.

DELEGATE INFORMATION FORMS: A letter will be sent to all congregations noting information that was submitted for 2021 with names of certified delegates (pastor, lay, alternate, lay advisory, etc.).  Congregations will either need to re-certify those same delegates or submit a new form.

WORKBOOK REPORTS: A request will be sent to all who submitted reports to update and add to their report, so it includes the additional year.

Due to the many changes in response to this delay, it will be more important than ever for congregations and church workers to carefully read all communications that are sent regarding convention, paying special attention to all deadlines.  If you have questions, please contact Candi Menze, convention coordinator, at candim@ndlcms.org or 402-643-2961 x1010.

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