Deadlines and Details for 2022 District Convention



solo-logoThe 2022 Nebraska District Convention will be held June 24-25 at the Younes Conference Center in Kearney.  The District staff is ready to resume planning after the delay from 2021.  Delegates and guests are welcome to join together and hear about the ministry taking place in the Nebraska District.  Rev. Dr. David Coe will serve as the keynote speaker.

Please note the following timeline and deadlines related to planning for the convention.  Please share this important information with the members of your congregation.  More information can be found in the District’s electronic Reporter as well as on our website at

July 2021 – Nominations Part 1 (due 10/18/21)

  • The Nominations Committee will accept nominations from the circuit visitors, ordained ministers, commissioned ministers, lay members, circuit forums, and congregations of the District.
  • Nominate candidates for the following offices, boards, and committees: District Secretary, Nominations Committee, Constitution Committee, Board of Regents (Concordia, Seward), and Synod Committee for Convention Nominations (held in 2023)
  • All current nominations submitted for 2021 will stand.
  • Nominations can be submitted between July 5 and October 18, 2021.
  • Submit your nomination form at

September 2021 – Overtures (due 1/27/22)

  • Congregations, circuit forums, official District conference, and District commissions, committees, and the Board of Directors are encouraged to submit overtures to the convention.
  • Overtures submitted for 2021 will stand.
  • Overtures can be submitted between September 1, 2021 and January 27, 2022.
  • An electronic overture template is available at
  • All overtures must be submitted in TWO forms
    • One paper copy, signed and mailed to the District Office
    • A second copy, in the form of a Word document, must be sent as an email attachment to

September 2021 – Nominations Part 2 (due 1/31/22)

  • Nominations packets for District President, Vice Presidents, and Board of Director members will be mailed to each church office.
  • Nominations for this process must be submitted by congregations (not individuals)
  • Completed forms must be returned to the District Secretary by January 31, 2022. 

September 2021 – Voting Delegate Information (due 1/31/22)

  • Delegate Information Forms will be mailed to each church office.
  • Each congregation can certify one pastoral voting delegate and one lay voting delegate as well as an alternate lay delegate.
  • Dual/Multiple Parishes have the option of also sending a lay advisory delegate for each congregation not represented by their voting lay delegate.
  • Congregations will need to re-certify their delegates submitted in 2021 or submit a new form.
  • Signed forms must be returned to the District Office by January 31, 2022.

September 2021 – Circuit Forums (due 2/1/22)

  • Schedule your circuit forum to elect a circuit visitor by January 16, 2022.
  • Each congregation must schedule a voters’ meeting prior to the circuit forum to:
    • Designate a pastor and one member of the congregation to attend the circuit forum and
    • Nominate pastors for the office of circuit visitor.
    • These nominations should be submitted to your current circuit visitor.
  • Following the circuit forum, a report in writing should be sent to the District Secretary, noting the results of the election by February 1, 2022.
  • The slate of circuit visitors will be ratified at the District Convention in June. 

January 2022 – Congregation Statistical Reports (due 2/28/22)

  • Church offices will receive notification of their login information needed to submit statistical information electronically.
  • Every congregation should complete the online form and submit it by February 28, 2022. 

March 2022 – Congregational Assessments (due 4/22/22)

  • Church offices will receive an invoice for their annual assessment.
  • Congregational assessments help to cover the cost of our District Convention, allowing voting and advisory delegates to attend at no cost.
  • All assessments should be paid in full by April 22, 2022. 

April 2022 – Registration (due 5/16/22)

  • Registration materials will be mailed to all rostered church workers and lay voting delegates.
  • A registration form is required from everyone planning to attend (including certified voting delegates).
  • Registration forms are due by May 16, 2022. 

May 2022 – Convention Workbook

  • All rostered workers and registered delegates will receive a letter and link to the complete Convention workbook.
  • Individuals are expected to print any necessary information or bring it on an electronic device no printed workbooks or binders will be provided.

May 2022 – Proposed Resolutions/Ballots

  • Announcement of proposed resolutions from the floor committee(s) and candidates for various elections and at the District Convention will be shared.
  • Delegates should read all proposed resolutions and candidate profiles prior to discussion and voting.

Your cooperation in following this schedule and meeting these deadlines will help us to plan efficiently for the upcoming convention.  Thank you for your assistance!

Convention questions may be directed to Candi Menze, convention coordinator, at, or contact the District Office at 402-643-2961.

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